i've decided to put the motorcycle away this coming week. why delay the inevitable? it's better to do it while the temperature is still slightly warm. and with some possible snow arriving tuesday, now is a good time to end the riding season.

riding to belmont, i felt the cold in my fingers. temperature was in the upper 30's and my hands were so icy i was beginning to fear frostbite. it made me more determined to put the bike away, and not have to suffer the agony of winter riding any longer. along with the 3 containers of motor oil, i also brought the rain cover to put on the bike while it's in storage.

it felt like i hardly used the motorcycle this year, but a check of the odometer revealed 800+ miles of travel. last season i rode 1018 miles; the year before that 877 miles. i don't have exact numbers, but i definitely rode more when i still had my honda rebel; also it was before i got into bicycles as well, so i took the motorcycle everywhere back then. i don't have a speedometer on my bicycle but i'd be curious to know how many miles i bicycle over the year. i wouldn't be surprised if it's more than my motorcycle miles.

not much happened in belmont. my mother looked like she was experiencing a cold but she said it was just allergies. earlier she took a claritin which didn't do anything, but after some benadryl she went to sleep.

with the patriots resting this weekend after their thanksgiving night performance, there was no home football game to watch. teams i was hoping would lose (to give the patriots some breathing room in the hunt for a playoff bye) didn't: baltimore ravens won their game and so did the denver broncos. even the colts won their match, vying for a wild card slot.

the trip back to cambridge wasn't as bad because i switched to mittens instead of gloves. everyone seemed to be back from their respective thanksgiving destinations because all the curbside parking spots were filled. i ended up squeezing the motorcycle in a big enough space right in front of my house.