i noticed yesterday that my bicycle was making a grinding sound on the rear brakes so i decided to check it out this morning before i left for belmont. i figured maybe it was just a stuck pebble that i could easily fish out, but when i saw the pads, i noticed one of them was worn down to the screw bed, so i decided to replace them with new ones that i had.

besides oiling my rusty chain, the bike shop also added cable ends to my exposed wires free of charge. i didn't get a good look at the new bottom bracket, but i did notice the crank arms poking out from the spindle (is that normal?).

i took the bicycle to belmont because 1) there's street cleaning next week and i didn't want to give up my choice motorcycle parking spot, and 2) i wanted to try out my new cap-helmet combination. it definitely makes a difference, i'm not used to riding with glare in my eyes.

before i left, i heard a loud rumbling in the sky. looking up, i was expecting to see a low-flying commercial plane but was surprised when 2 jet fighters flew directly overhead. i wonder what event they were speeding off to? (was it for the spartan race at fenway park?)

not much happened in belmont. my father slept for most of the day while my mother kept busy with her knitting. after dinner i returned to cambridge. the temperature had dropped into the upper 30's by that point and it was uncomfortable for the first few minutes until i managed to warm up eventually.

drew and i watched mankind: the story of all of us on the history channel. it seemed to make him annoyed, how it simplified human history. he watched with a lot of snarky comments and eye rolling. afterwards we caught 48 hours, a story about the highway of tears in british columbia, where at least 18 women have been murdered or vanished since 1969. i learned that the royal canadian mounted police (RCMP) is sort of like the canadian equivalent of the american FBI.

i checked those old brakes, and it seems like there were actually metal shavings embedded in the rubber pads. i managed to pick them out with a toothpick, but i wonder how they got there? they weren't there before i took them into the bike shop, i only noticed it afterwards. could they have been introduced as a result of the repair? but looks like i can put these old ones back, they're still good for a while.