i went to the cafe late this morning to help liting's parents set up their ipad2 so they can skype with their daughter. i could've set everything up in about 5 minutes by myself but since i was teaching her parents it took almost a full hour. turns out they already had an apple store account, but it just wasn't activated (we didn't figure this out until we already created a new account).

drew was still home when i got back around 12:30, but was on his way out. i could've had some beef noodle soup for lunch but instead i toasted 2 leftover bread ends and ate them with some butter and quince jam.

comcast seemed to have updated the firmware on their cable box today. i noticed it took a few minutes to get any programming when i turned on the box. the only thing new i noticed is when i start punching in numbers it'll actually tell me the channel i'm jumping to before it happens. i don't know how that'd be useful.

i took the motorcycle earlier but now it was time for some bicycling. unfortunately my local bike shop is closed on wednesdays, otherwise i might've taken the bike into the shop for some bottom bracket replacement.

i went to the cambridge library to pick up a DVD i had on reservation: beginner's guide to knitting by nici mcnally. it has a near perfect 5-star average out of 175 amazon reviews. i was curious to see what all the rave was about. later in the evening when i played it, i didn't see anything too special. the instructions were clear cut, and the instructor (i'm assuming it's nici) seemed pleasant enough. it's one of those semi-interactive dvd's that would pause at certain points to give you time to get ready or catch up. i also picked up a few southwestern united states travel books for my parents.

coming back, i stopped by market basket for some groceries. feeling a bit unhealthy, i grabbed a bag of baby carrots to snack on.

drew returned around 3:00 and stayed home for the rest of the day.

for dinner i made myself a salmon bagel sandwich: onion bagel, salmon cream cheese, salmon slices, capers, onions, tomatoes, lettuce. i ate while watching an episode of chronicles with drew. later we saw a PBS documentary about ducks. while throwing out the trash i noticed my neighbor renee had tossed out her elizabeth warren lawn signs. i picked one up for drew because he wanted a souvenir.

i've been experiencing a "tooth ache" on the left side of my jaw since sunday morning. it didn't hurt when i ate but the pain would appear if i open and closed my jaw a certain way. it wasn't a sharp pain, more like a dull nerve pain. it felt like a familiar problem and i was hoping it'd go away. today it finally disappeared. i'm not sure what it was.