a wet and cold day, miserable enough that drew didn't ride the bicycle to work this morning. for lunch i made some oatmeal with feta cheese and spinach chicken sausages, my first time. it was okay, but i still prefer the sweet savoriness of my regular apple chicken sausage.

for some reason i had a craving for roxy music today, and read up on their history, including the biographies of bryan ferry (whom i'm familiar with his solo works) and brian eno (not so much, but camel's eye is a classic). even when he was young, bryan ferry still looked like an old man, seemingly out of place with his glam rock bandmates.

when drew came home close to 7:00, i rode out to get some wings. by then the rain had stopped, but the temperature had plummeted into the 40's. i picked up a 10-piece spicy barbecue for drew while i went with an 8-piece spicy korean wings for myself. the korean wings were okay, sticky sweet and spicy, but given the choice, i prefer my usual flavors, rochester or garlic parmesan. the korean wings only came in 8-pieces for some reason (wing orders are normally 6-10-14-more).

we caught the first half of twilight on FX before switching to happy endings and don't trust the bitch in apartment 23 on ABC. finally, tuesday night's main course of ink master on spike tv. tatu baby won the challenge with her portrait of yoda. we were shocked when kay kutta got eliminated, since he seemed to be the main villain of the show.

Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music - "More Than This"