i made another grocery run today, including getting some detergent. i went to the cafe in the afternoon to drop off the beads my my mother bought on ebay last week. i did a load of laundry. drew came back around 3:00, right after i finished baking some chocolate chip cookies.

i baked the cookies in 2 batches: the first batch i probably took them out too early (10 minutes) because they were too soft; the second batch was much after after i gave them a few extra minutes to get crispy.

i finally washed the strap on my mountainsmith camera bag. i've noticed that every time i use the bag for any extended period of time, i'd get this rash on my neck. it's been years since the strap had been washed, so when i scrubbed it in the bathroom sink last night, the water was almost black, that strap was pretty dirty. hopefully this will stop my neck rashes.

at 7:00 i took drew out to go see the halloween happenings on traymore and crescent street. normally i wouldn't go because it's kind of suspicious seeing a single man taking photos around kids, but drew was my beard. i saw a lot of neighbors, including ed, joel, and jen.

when we came back i made some kale and quinoa pilaf for dinner. i was basically following a recipe i found online. it seemed a bit pretentious, asking for ingredients like lacinato kale, meyer lemon, and toasted walnut oil (i'd never heard of any of those items before). i just ended up using regular kale, regular lemon, and olive oil. added to that was the quinoa, goat cheese, scallions, and cilantro. it tasted pretty good but could have used some bacon to make it even more savory. it was definitely healthy and i felt very full afterwards. besides bacon, i might try adding some pecan as well (even healthier, the recipe calls for pine nuts).