the full force of hurricane sandy arrived in cambridge today. not too much rain, but a lot of wind. i watched from my living room couch all day, trees swaying, leaves blowing, twigs falling. surprisingly, ranch roofing stuck to their appointment and came to the house at 11:00. i thought they would bring a ladder and climb on the roof during 60mph wind gusts (could they be that suicidal?), but it was just a guy (from new hampshire no less) with a measuring tape figuring out the dimensions from the ground. when steve told him about his 8 skylights, the roofer gave an incredulous, "are you serious?"

other than that, i didn't set foot outside. i wanted to take a stroll to see the damages, but the wind was just too strong. not only was it dangerous (fall debris and whatnot), but the wind was strong enough to push me around. every time i opened the window to take a photo, i was afraid things inside the house would get blown away. safer to just watch from inside the house.

i was afraid i'd lose electricity so i recharged my phone and brewed a full tank of hot water in the thermos. although i had power, the local comcast substation must've lost theirs because at 3:00 i lost both internet and cable services. i followed the non-stop local news storm coverage on my little digital TV antenna attached to my computer. reception was intermittent (not so much the storm, more so the dinky antenna) but still watchable.

my parents did lose their power, not sure when they got it back. 3 hours later cable and internet was finally restored. for dinner i heated up my leftover vodka kale risotto (better than usual).

drew was scheduled to return this evening, but he never came back, and i haven't heard from him. i suppose he'll show up eventually, if not tomorrow, then wednesday.

remnants of the hurricane continues into tomorrow, but minus the damaging winds. maybe tomorrow i'll get a chance to go out and walk around. none of the trees within the vicinity were affected, not even the sick elm tree causing all the headaches with the backyard neighbors. in the end there was just a lot of leaves and twigs on the streets.

Polaris - "Hey Sandy"