with 2 weeks before the general election, the airwaves are saturated with political ads of all shapes and sizes. it's gotten to the point where i've seen them so many times i can actually play political ad karaoke since i've memorized all of them by this point. i'm actually excited when i see a new ad, which now seems to be every other day or so.

in the afternoon i finally dug up the caladiums growing in the 2 wine cask planters. i should've done it earlier, before the weather turned cold (caladiums are tropical, they don't like temperature below 55°F). some of the tubers seemed to be dead, soggy and crumbly, while others looked like they might survive into next season. i set them out to dry in the basement. i also raked all the oak leaves in the backyard as well.

later i visited my community garden plot to do some more cleanup. i was really there to harvest any remaining vegetables. i came too late, because there were a few red tomatoes rotting on the ground, but there was still enough red and green tomatoes on the vine to pick. i also collected some hot peppers. afterwards i pulled up all the tomato plants.

the garden is across the street from an elementary school and i was there right during dismissal time, so there was a traffic jam of cars and buses. i overheard a mother picking up her sons and calling one of them keanu. for real? (her other son was named taylor). later, i must've pulled a groin muscle because i felt some pain while getting back on the bike. i rode gingerly to my next destination (union square).

i went to the bank to deposit a check from client R. i'm so used to clients who pay me months after i finish a project that it caught me by surprise. i invoiced them just last monday! talk about fast turnaround. this bank was actually robbed just 2 weekends ago, so i was surprised there wasn't more security. later i found out they actually caught the robber in new hampshire, a man with a prior bank robbery conviction and had served time in federal prison.

on my way home i took a detour and paid a visit to walgreens, where they had a sale on häagen-dazs ice cream (2/$6). while paying, a woman behind me kept saying, "party party!" while pointing to my purchase. she must've been insane because when i told her about the sale, she kept on saying "party party!"

when drew came home around 6:00 we went to r.f. o'sullivan for some award-winning burgers. i got the black and blue with half onion rings and half fries, washed down with a 40 oz. bottle of magners hard cider. for a tuesday night the place got fairly crowded by the time we left. the final bill came out to $42.

we returned home and watched a few hours of ink master on spike tv.