i woke up around 11:00, just in time to see felix baumgartner prepare for his record breaking jump from near outer space. one hour into his ascent he began talking about an issue with the lack of heat in his pressured helmet. apparently they fixed it but even if they didn't, the only way out was to fall back down. i watched the live streaming video as he finally climbed out of his capsule after waiting more than 2 hours to get high enough, and then jumped off back to earth. he seemed out of control at first, tumbling in the stratosphere, descending faster and faster, the only sound his labored breathing. but eventually he did regain control and had a text book landing on his feet.

drew made some pancakes which he shared with me. he's had pancakes throughout most weekend afternoons but i've never been here to experience it except just one time. while i eat my pancakes one at a time, i noticed he ate them as a single stacked layers.

after drew left to go work in the harvard library around 2:00, i left as well for belmont via bicycle (i could've motorcycled, but with street cleaning this coming week, i didn't want the hassle of having to look for parking later on). the temperature was unusually balmy in the upper 60's although the sky was overcast.

i watched the patriots-seahawks game at 4:00. seattle's new coach pete carroll was the former new england coach before bill belichick and tom brady. i've always liked pete carroll, but thought he was too nice a guy to be an NFL coach (apparently he's had tremendous recent success as a college football coach though). 13 years later, he finally gets his revenge on the team that fired him. the patriots played well but the seahawks had just too many incredibly impressive deep throw catches for quick gains. patriots defense created some turnovers, but the wide receiver coverage seemed almost nonexistent. there was also no running rain. plus the fact that it was raining and the seattle stadium being the loudest in the NFL all contributed to new england losing by 1 point. at least they're not getting blown out but these close ones probably hurt the must, especially since there's been so many this season.

my sister made dinner, a combination of pasta with a pan of tender roast on a bed of asparagus. my lactose intolerance comes and goes, but the cheese in the pasta must not have agreed with me before i had to run to the bathroom before i left for cambridge.

i watched the season 3 premiere of AMC's the walking dead out of curiosity. i'm not lightweight when it comes to cinematic ultraviolence, but i don't like watching it on television. i'm still not buying into this zombie drama series and will probably skip it for revenge on ABC at the same time.