a dreary day, grey and wet. i've been nursing a pain in the back of my neck that's either bag strap strain injury or meningitis. a few times i wanted to go outside but decided to wait for a nicer day. drew was at home for most of the day (reading/working from bed), but left in the late afternoon to get his shopping on at the galleria mall (something about a special 40% off coupon at banana republic that can only be redeemed on wednesdays). he told me he walked down to lechmere with his bike, which probably took close to an hour, but he said it wasn't that far.

i spent some more time trying to fix my aunt's roomba. i don't think it's an old battery issue but rather a battery simply not charging issue. in opening up the roomba to see what's inside, i actually sheered off one of the wires on the bumper sensor connector when i got too carried away with a pair of pliers. i tried to sugerglue it back together but it didn't work. i then tried to pull the severed lead out and in doing so probably made it so there was no change of soldering the wire back together.

my father stopped by in the early afternoon with a meat bun delivery and took a look at the broken roomba. he said it was an easy fix and took the roomba back to belmont. in the meantime, i think the real problem is the roomba can't charge up the battery anymore, and the fix requires replacing two MOSFET's.

a miserable day calls for some baking, so i made some nutella stuffed brownies. i had some leftover brownie mix so i spooned the leftover batter into some mini bundt cake molds. the bundt brownies came out pretty well, a lot of surface area means maximized crunchiness. the nutella brownies weren't bad either.

when drew came back around 7:00, i shared some meat buns while he shared some salad. later we watched another episode of ink master, a tattoo covering challenge. the little person tattoo artist ended up getting eliminated.