it was cold in the house this morning. my bedroom thermometer read 62°F. maybe that's why i slept a little later than usual, savoring the warmth of the bed. it made me think about turning on the heat, but it's still early in the season. unfortunately the temperature for the rest of the week doesn't look like it's going to be getting any warmer. i'm hoping for a warm spell next week, otherwise i may not have much of a choice. it's one thing for me to suffer needlessly, but the addition of a roommate means i have to be cognizant of the welfare of others.

drew and i were both at market basket at the same time this afternoon without realizing it. when he returned to the house with fresh groceries soon after i got back, i managed to connect the dots.

drew paid this month's rent after i gave him a gently reminder. i would've inquired earlier but i didn't know how to put the question without being indelicate. i find the whole business of renting out my spare bedroom for money a bit unsavory. in that way it's actually easier if it's somebody i don't like; those i favor i'd be perfectly willing to let them live here for free. the friendlier i am with a roommate, the more it begins to feel like taking money from a friend.

by late afternoon i left the house for a few hours to go have dinner in belmont. i noticed earlier today that my bike was making a rickety sound, like maybe a spoke had snapped. i stopped a few times to check but i couldn't see where the noise was coming from. maybe tomorrow i'll find some quiet time in the backyard to do some bike maintenance.

i came home early, no point in staying late as the weather grew increasingly colder. this is what cold feels like i muttered to myself as i made my way across town in the brisk darkness. i finally put up the draft curtains in the living room, one of the first steps in configuring the house for winter mode. yesterday i propped some bolsters to the kitchen entrance.