not sleeping with an alarm clock, sometimes i wake up late. this was one such morning, as i was surprised to see it was already 11:40 when i checked the time on my cellphone. fortunately i had no plans.

a gross day, wet and overcast. i went out during a brief period when it wasn't raining to get some groceries. a woman who was ahead of me in line - she looked like an MBTA driver - had 22 items in a 12-items-or-less lane. the cashier said nothing, easier to overlook the infraction instead of wasting time trying to argue with the woman who obviously didn't seem to care what others think of her. even worse, when i went outside, i saw her loading her groceries into her SUV parked in a handicapped space. this is a bad person, perhaps even a psychopath - best not to get involved.

returning home, i saw a lady biker in a leather skirt riding a retro honda motorcycle. women are still definitely a minority in the biking community but their numbers are growing. a skirt probably isn't the most motorcycle-appropriate clothing since you need to straddle a bike seat.

the big local news early this afternoon was the firing of red sox manager bobby valentine. i was kind of surprised because less than 2 months ago the owners were reiterating their position that valentine would be back next season. but when the ball club ended the season with the worst record in almost half a century, the manager is the first to fall, right or wrong. i've long since stopped following the red sox, not after manny and ortiz were accused of using steroids. even if they do well next year, i don't know if i'd watch.

drew came home around 5:30, having done some grocery shopping himself. i felt sleepy and was thinking about taking a short nap but forced myself to stay awake. for dinner i heated up some baked shells i bought earlier. i brought out the flan for drew to try; he seemed to like it, even scooping up the last of the melted caramel.

i have one more extended family dinner outing tomorrow night at the waltham mulan restaurant. bin bin's future-in-laws want to treat everyone before bin bin's parents return home to shenyang saturday afternoon. it will be the 5th lavish dinner in 9 days.