i didn't plan on going to belmont today. besides the rain, we were having dinner at the nearby house of chang restaurant which was closer to my place. there was also a free cambridge bike ride event happening at 1:00 that seemed interesting.1 but i went to belmont anyway, once the rain stopped, just in time to catch the patriots-bills game at 1:00.

having lost twice already, it looked like new england would lose for the third time once the score became 7-21 in favor of buffalo. patriots' fumbles led to bill touchdowns, and new england even failed to convert 2 field goal kicks. things looked grim, but the patriots battled back to score 45 points in the 2nd half and win the game.

my mother and sister were cleaning up the house since my parents are inviting everyone over for dinner wednesday night. i suggested as a special treat a thanksgiving style dinner with a turkey since binbin's and her fiancé's parents will be gone by actual thanksgiving. my mother thought it was a good idea so this autumn i'll actually get to enjoy 2 thanksgiving dinners.

we left for the restaurant around 5:30, my mother and sister riding in the car while i pedaled along on my bicycle. my great uncle was treating; there were so many people in our party we took over a whole half of the restaurant. it was also my 2nd aunt's birthday - kind of. my maternal grandmother used a chinese calendar date on my 2nd aunt's birth certificate - auspiciously the 15th day of the 8th month which is same day as the mid-autumn moon festival. but since the chinese calendar is lunar based, the dates themselves move every year, so 1) my 2nd aunt actually doesn't know when her real birthday is, and 2) celebrating her chinese calendar date birthday means her birthday falls on a different date every year on the gregorian calendar.

after dinner i biked home with the full moon in the sky. i did some quick cleaning before shortly afterwards everyone came over to check out my place. binbin's soon-to-be in-laws wanted to see what a typical cambridge home looked like. there wasn't enough seats in my living room for everyone to sit so they all stood around but left soon afterwards.

1 i found out later that the ride was cancelled due to bad weather (although scheduling an event to coincide with the patriots game probably also wasn't a good idea in terms of rider turnout).