with a tentative internal deadline of monday, i spent the whole day trying to finish up the code work for client R. i'm still missing some assets (new videos and an updated timeline animation) but i made as much progress with what i had. i learned how to play a movie backwards (don't use that too often) and installed the tweenMax engine so i could get use a repeating tween function (for the timeline arrows). i don't know how robust they want the interactive to be but what i have now is enough to show their client.

the 2 online resources i've been using has been republic of code and active tuts+. i know what needs to be done; i just not that familiar with the actionscript 3 syntax. and though it's 6 years old, i also use the o'reilly actionscript 3.0 cookbook, that's been a big help with some of the basics.

i played around some more with the ultra play IMP150, trying out a few other file types. rmvb played fine (RV40 video, mp4a audio); so did several mpg's (MPEG1). wmv's were hit and miss: those using the WMV9 codec worked fine while WMV8 didn't play. i'm hoping to try it out on my parents' HDTV this weekend. the biggest movie i tested was a 1.5GB avi and it played back effortlessly. whatever engine it uses is pretty robust; it jumps from one video to another without any skips or gaps.

i just had a tea egg for lunch and then some snacks the rest of the day. for dinner i boiled my leftover rotisserie chicken to make some broth to go with some rice noodles.

drew and i watched an episode of the big bang theory through ondemand, then 2 episodes of mad men (season 5 episodes 3 and 4), before finally settling on a repeat of project runway (the one where the winner designed an outfit for the rockets with a corset made from new york city skyscraper silhouettes).