as i was biking down to my parents' place, i realized i was supposed to go to a surprise baby shower for elias and amanda's impending delivery. i was already late for the event (12:00) and even if i turned back and went to central square, i don't think i had anyone's numbers. hopefully they will just relegate my no-show as an attribute of my usual inconsiderate self.

i arrived at my parents' just in time to catch the cardinals-patriots game that started at 1:00. it was a strange match, with new england unable to get any offense going and only managed to score through goal kicks with no touchdowns. it looked like the pats were going to lose with less than a minute left in the game, but arizona fumbled the ball and new england was within field goal range. they ran a play that resulted in a touchdown run, but was rescinded due to a holding foul. with just 6 seconds left in the game, the pats went for the field goal, which they missed. hopefully the team can learn from their mistakes. next weekend is a sunday night game against the baltimore ravens, that should be interesting.

we finally picked the 2 green bell peppers that'd been growing in the backyard. i don't think bell peppers made for good garden plants because the plants are small and you only get a few peppers at most which take the whole season to mature. it's better just to buy them in supermarkets.

we have 2 large rosemaries growing in the raised beds. they're so large i wonder if we should just leave them in the garden over the winter. if we have another mild winter it won't be a problem, but if it's a cold winter, it could potentially kill them, and i've had these rosemaries for several years now. i'll probably end up bringing them inside. come spring, we'd probably relocate them anyway, so might as well dig them up this fall.

my mother has been biking to work every day where it hasn't been raining. she asked me to raise the bike seat because it felt too low. she tried it out and said it felt better. i also inflated the tires and reinstalled the rear bike light.

my parents invited my aunt and uncle over for dinner. while my mother and i were cleaning up the house, my sister was out walking her dog in the forest. when she came back, she spent the next 2 hours futilely cleaning the bathroom when she should've helped clean the rest of the house, much of which were messes caused by her. to make matters worse, she was in one of her bitchy moods, and spent the day lecturing us how we were misplacing her things so she can't find them.

everything was fine until 15 minutes before my aunt and uncle were due to arrive at 6:00. my sister wanted to change out the trash bag but my mother had already done it a few hours ago. the bag was nearly empty, but my sister wanted to replace it because she said it smelled. first, trash is inherently smelly. second, my mother had already cleaned the trash can and air dried it outside so there was no smell. my mother told her to wait until after dinner, so we can dump out the dinner scraps as well, but my sister wasn't going to take no for an answer, which is often the case for her. for whatever reason, i made it my personal mission not to let her win this particular argument, the one person in the family willing to stand up against her bullying. a wrestling match ensued, she called me some names, and i told her since she's never here for any of our family dinners, she shouldn't start now. i also told her she was crazy and should do everyone a favor and kill herself. she stormed out of the house with her dog in tow just when my aunt and uncle arrived.

my sister came back right when we were eating dessert. she acted like nothing happened, and i was in no mood to get into another shouting match with her so i didn't say anything.

later in the evening, back at home, bruce stopped by to visit drew and me. he was in town for the weekend celebrating his 50th birthday down in provincetown with jack. bruce was the one who originally engineered drew's stay at my place. he showed us these civic duty tarp-material high top sneakers he purchased.