drew went out to get some groceries from market basket a bit before noon, planning on making some pancakes when he returned. i almost left before he got back because i wanted to get to boston common by around 1:00 to catch a band at the MASSCANN freedom rally. luckily, drew returned just in time, and quickly whipped up a batch of pancakes. surprisingly, i've never made pancakes myself; it's always been a breakfast food that others made for me or i went out and bought.

i left at 12:45, made it to boston common at 1:10. the rally wasn't hard to find, as it basically took over all of boston common (the boston public garden was thankfully spared). MASSCANN stands for the massachusetts cannabis reform coalition, a fact that i didn't know until i looked it up online. the place was packed with people, mostly young, and a sprinkle of bike cops. the police basically had to turn a blind eye to the going-ons because the smell of marijuana was everywhere, even though organizers informed participants on many occasions to respect the law and not light up. here in MA, if a police does want to bust you, it's a $100 fine instead of a jail trip. but there were so many people in open violation that the cops had better things to do, like crowd control. i did see one unlucky youth get ticketed though.

i basically wandered around looking for photo opps, but i felt like there were too many watchful eyes following me, since stoners can get a bit paranoid when they see someone wielding a camera.

i returned home via the fieldler footbridge down the charles river esplanade bike path and then across the mass ave bridge. on one of the first piers i noticed a proliferation of tied boats and overweight retirees camped out on the dock in lawn chairs. this is something new this year as i never remember seeing this in years past.

drew was gone by the time i got back home, having left to go work at the MIT humanities library. i took a quick shower, gathered up my things, and rode the motorcycle to belmont close to 3:00.

i tried a tea egg my sister had made: not enough marbling so the flavor inside wasn't very strong. i also had a few pieces of an egg-yolk moon cake. later my father picked a few korean melons from the backyard. even though the plants don't get as much sun as the ones at the victory garden, these were never affected by powdery mildew so they had longer to mature and become sweeter.

back in cambridge after dinner, drew and i watched repeats of the big bang theory, his new favorite show. back at home he never watches television, and when he told me he doesn't even own a tv, it didn't surprise me (he gets his entertainment through netflix).