only now, well past midnight, am i finally stopping from work. the deadline isn't until next week, but i'm in pretty good shape, i figured i have it already 70% programmed at this point for client R. it was a hard day to stay indoors though, with the weather outside a perfect late summer day, upper 70's with not a cloud in the sky. i only went outside to bring in the trash cans, quickly coming back inside so i wouldn't be tempted to stay out.

as infuriating as i find actionscripting, it's also kind of fun. i'm working hard entirely because i want to, not from any sense of impending deadline. the one thing i find amazing about flash is how incredibly small the file sizes are. what i've created so far is just half a megabyte; a simple director interactive usually runs 10-30MB at least. today i worked with timer events and figured out how to communicate between nested movies. tomorrow i'll embed some movies and once the client gives me the tween files, i should be done.

drew was home for most of the day. he left around noontime to visit the harvard library but returned home soon afterwards. we were both busy working, me in the living room, while he moved from the backyard porch to the kitchen to his bedroom. he told me last night that he's returning home for a few fews at the end of this month.

we watched a TLC reality tv show called breaking amish, about a group of amish kids leaving to go live in new york city. it's shot in that ultra-dramatic the hills style. it was a repeat of the premiere episode and it was actually kind of hard to stop watching. it made me realize that amish teenagers in many ways behave like real teenagers with teenage issues. one funny thing was every few minutes there would be talk about being shunned by the community, which to them seems to be the worst thing that could possibly happen.

client M called me from chicago, something wrong with one of the touch screen interactives. i had a hunch what it was - a screen resolution issue - and was able to give him a working solution.

while feeding the fishes this morning, i noticed a few things. the guppy seems to be missing chunks of its tail fin. was it always like this? or did the other fishes in the tank do this? i also saw that the cherry barb wasn't feeding, but just kind of floating on its side at the bottom of the tank underneath the driftwood. i fear it won't be long before it will leave for the big ocean in the sky.

i'm hoping tomorrow at least i can go out and get some sunshine.