today was day 1 of my project for client R. it's been a while since i did a flash interactive, so i spent the early part of the day ramping up. i'm a lingo guy and all of this could be easily done using director. delving back into the world of actionscripting reminded me of those russian nesting dolls, how the programming is written in layers and one can easily lose track of the code in the different levels. it just seems a lot of work for something i know i can duplicate effortlessly in director.

drew left for the office around noontime for a department luncheon in honor of the visiting scholars. he had to get more dressed up and asked if i had a brown belt he could borrow (too small) and if i had any cufflinks (what?).

in the afternoon i was seized by a strong urge to procrastinate. figuring the weather wouldn't get hot enough to warrant turning on the air conditioner, i finally took it out. there was a lot of water inside the chassis from all the rain we had; i drained as much as possible out the window, but i still got some water on the floor as i carried the unit out into the basement.

next i paid a visit to the community garden. my last visit was about a week ago, when i showed drew my plot. there was at least one red tomato but i didn't pick it because i didn't have time.

this time around i picked a bag full of tomatoes. not enough to make tomato sauce (maybe just a single serving), not sure what i'm going to do with them. there were still a few green tomatoes on the vine, i should've picked them as well since it doesn't seem like they'll be doing anymore growing. i also picked half a dozen red cayenne peppers, and there are still some jalapenos and green peppers. finally, i have 3 good acorn squashes; i'll leave them for the time being, hoping they'll ripen some more, but i think they're already mature and ready to eat.

elsewhere in the community garden:

while i was leaving i came across a turkey hen feeding on the grass in front of the community garden. it wasn't startled when it saw me, but kept a watchful eye. i crouched down to make myself smaller and took a bunch of photos. it was about 2 yards away from me, the closest i've ever been to a wild turkey. a few times it stretched out its neck to make itself seem taller, and even make some cooing sounds. i'd never seen a turkey in the community garden, nor in cambridge for that matter. they're more common in the suburbs, and at my parents' place we've seen groups of turkeys on neighbors' lawn a few times.

after that excitement, i went to market basket to get some groceries, mostly in the form of unhealthy snacks. the main thing was to pick up some ground beef to make some more spaghetti with meat sauce.

the spent the rest of the day drifting in and out of flash coding and graphic production work. the client will check in again on thursday so i have a few days to iron this out.