the patter of rain outside was conducive to working since i wasn't tempted to go outside. not that i could anyway because i suddenly realized i was going to chicago in 3 days (early friday morning) and i still hadn't finished the interactive for client M yet. although in my defense, i'd only received the graphic source files late friday (after initially building a basic framework using the jpeg screen grabs), and i didn't do any work over the labor day weekend. i worked from my room so i could concentrate, every once in a while lying in bed to take a break.

drew returned home around 3:30 after spending a day at MIT going to meetings. his first class doesn't start until thursday. we each worked from our respective bedrooms.

i discovered today that my cambridge soundworks pcworks speakers are broken: sound only comes out from the right side. it's not the speakers themselves but rather something on the inside (no sound will channel out the left side). i'm going to see if i can repair it, but i may need to buy new 2.1 speakers. these pcworks were really good though, a shame if i can't repair them (they lasted me for more than a decade).

everything's falling apart: the corner of my macbook pro lcd screen has split. it comes from years of opening and closing the screen, and contributing stress to that corner. i've noticed a hairline fracture a year or two ago, but now there's a definite crack. time to get a new laptop as well. i may go used to save a few bucks.

i finally stopped working around 7:00. i made pretty good progress, i should be able to finish up the interactive tomorrow and sent it to client M for proofing. i added a few flourishes (like easing fade on the graphic and text content) that i'm hoping the client will appreciate. this is good timing because client R got in touch with me this morning to arrange a meeting for tomorrow morning to discuss their project.

i heated up the rest of my spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner. erlier drew asked if i was having dinner at home tonight since i've gone out to eat in belmont for the past 2 nights.

we watched the democratic national convention coverage. after listening to michelle obama speak, drew dutifully went to bed.