i took the motorcycle to the somerville target to get some new pillows and cases. it's the least i can i do for new roommates, especially one that's staying for 4 months. i still can't believe it, 4 months! that's a long time, that's a third of a year. normally the maximum is 3 months. at least this time it's not a china roommate. anyway, it was the wrong time to visit target as the linen aisle was a bit bare due to back-to-school shopping. after a lengthy search i finally found a pair of pillowcases i liked (teal with white rings).

after some blueberry granola oatmeal for lunch, i finished updating the last of the interactives for client N. today was a hot day with temperature supposedly in the 90's but it was also dry, so it wasn't uncomfortable. there was a bike exhibit at the boston society of architects (BSA) building near fort point channel off of congress street. i could also visit haymarket on the way back.

the exhibit was mildly interesting, but the gallery space felt like the hallways between conference rooms, that the bikes themselves were simply office decorations. one of the most interesting ones i saw was a seven cycle called the "berlin bike", featuring in-frame front/rear lights and a belt drive. a bike like this you'd never see parked on the street; not sure how much it'd cost, but it just screams expensive.

i went around to independence wharf, behind the intercontinental hotel. riding down an alleyway, i made it to atlantic avenue, where i followed the greenway to north street park and crossed over to haymarket.

there was nothing i really needed. i got a bag of hot peppers for my mother and some garlic for myself before returning home. i took the trail along the charles river, but crossed over into cambridge once i got to the MIT bridge.

after a shower, i did a load of laundry, and went back outside to get some kleenex from the dollar store. i fell asleep briefly on the couch, waking up when it wasn't completely dark yet to close the blinds.

after cleaning up the house a bit more, i finally had some leftover spaghetti around 9:00.