i woke up around 6:00 in a sweat, couldn't sleep still thinking about losing a year's worth of photos. granted, not much happened in 2012, but those photos - no matter how trivial - had sentimental value. i forced myself to sleep a bit more before finally waking up and transferring my salvaged photo onto a smaller 1.5GB drive so i could free up the 2.0GB and use it as temp storage for a data rescue deep scan i plan on doing later.

since my computer was tied up while my files were transferring (i didn't want to tax the machine too card for fear of crashing), i spent the next 2 hours of my morning do other stuff, like cleaning up the house. i threw away a broken fan and had to decide whether a similar fate was in store for my broken samsung microwave.

i had a feeling that i could repair the microwave by simply fixing the latch. the trick was prying off the back of the microwave door to get access to the broken latch. i tried supergluing the broken pieces together but that wasn't enough to secure it so i used some additional electrical tape. after re-assembling the microwave door, it was the moment of truth. i plugged in the microwave and right away noticed something was different. previously, with a broken latch, the microwave would just turn on automatically; now with a fixed latch, it behaved like normal. granted, the door still kind of sticks, but the death sentence has been reprieved. if one day i can somehow buy a new replacement latch, the microwave should work like new.

once the transfer was complete, i spent the rest of the day in my bedroom office working. first finishing the last interactive for client N, then starting the groundwork for client M. i even ate by my desk, the usual chicken sausage oatmeal.

i stopped working in the early evening and began the arduous task of doing a deep scan with my data rescue app. it told me what i already knew, that the slow seek times meant the disk was in danger of crashing for good. in calculating the number of hours it'd take to finish the scan, it spit out some obscenely large number, like 3 years at the current read speed. after 4+ hours of scanning, it managed to comb over 120GB. at this given rate, if i can reach 400GB, i can try to do a partial recovery. if that doesn't work, i don't have any other options.

i went over to my former roommate WCH's apartment on beacon street around 6:30. she's moving to her new place on boardway street on friday (closer to MIT) and wanted to chat one more time before she leaves. she gave me a box of nanjing tea her husband brought when her family came over during the summer. i actually thought it was a pip dream but she did get her whole family here - parents, husband, daughter. they went to a lot of places, including cape cod, new york city, washington dc, and finally yellowstone park for 8 days.

i heated a french bread pizza in the toaster oven when i came home. i watched a bit of the republican national convention but was distracted by she's out of my league (2010, alice eve, jay baruchel) which i watched instead.