i'm still recovering from my acadia trip. it was only yesterday that i was up in maine, but it already feels like days ago. i need more sleep and plan on going to bed soon. if i close my eyes for even a few minutes i'm afraid i'll nod off for real. today i spent some time examining the ross gran tour II pau left behind. most of the work is confined to the rear wheel, which needs some broken spokes replaced and a new tire.

what needs to be fixed:

special features:

bike labels:

in the late morning i went with my father to the super market to get some barbecue supplies. i motorcycled to belmont in the afternoon. when my parents returned home, they brought tangtang over for dinner, today being the 2nd to last day she'll be in town before returning to taiwan on saturday. because tangtang is afraid of dogs, we had to lock up hailey in my parents' room. how can anyone be afraid of dogs?

we had barbecued corn and blue cheese burgers (my sister wasn't home for dinner). i tried smoking with some hickory chips for the first time. it's not bad, but definitely a stronger smoke flavor; i prefer the mellow sweetness of mesquite. tangtang was impressed by the size of our barbecue; in taiwan most people use a simple hibachi. my parents grilled some salmon steaks, one of tangtang's favorites. she was awed by the proportions, since normally they're thin-sliced in taiwan. when the burgers were ready, tangtang was astonished by how delicious the beef was, different than taiwanese beef (imported from australia). one thing i noticed was she never takes any photos.

tangtang asked if she could rest to make room for more food. she promptly fell asleep on the couch, which left us in an awkward situation since she was the guest of honor. she woke up when her mother skyped my parents' ipad, but then went back to sleep. my parents decided to wake up her and take her back to her place.