pau didn't go to bed until almost 5:00 last night. i know this because 1) i had get up to use the bathroom and 2) i also had to get up because the dermatitis rash on my hands were so itchy i needed to apply some medicated cream. anyway, i was about to open my bedroom door when i noticed the lights were still on outside so i waited, until a few minutes later they were turned off. i figured he'd sleep late this morning but he was gone by the time i woke up, some coffee left in a mokka pot on the stove and the distinctive smell of his european deodorant.

my turkish next door neighbor tunk moved today, a moving trunk parked outside for much of the morning. driven by curiosity, i went out to ask him where he was moving to. apparently not too far, to a relatively new condo development at alewife near fresh pond. he didn't sell his old place though, but keeping it as a rental. i knew something was going on because i saw real estate agents taking people to show them the place. he only had it on the rental market for a week before it was snatched up for $1900/month. that's absolutely amazing, because i've seen his 3rd floor condo before, back in 2002 when it was first on the market, and it's definitely not worth that much. i'm actually surprised he stayed as long as he did, because he seems to make good money as an international architecture, with clients as far as singapore. he told me live at a prime location and if i ever wanted to rent out my place i could get just as much.

i visited the community garden in the afternoon to see if there were anymore squashes. christie was there as well, her hair smelled like it was just washed. poor christie, who inherited the plot beneath the mulberry tree where nothing seems to grow, basically gave up gardening for a while but now has returned to the green community in the second half of the summer. we chatted briefly, i gave her a large zucchini that was growing in my garden. she was very thankful, said it was her first garden harvest (though not something she grew herself); i was just glad somebody could use one of my squashes, of which i have too may.

the knock on my front door around 6:30 was pau returning home. he'd left the house key at his office. i told him he could get it tomorrow, but he'd already returned his office key and security door card so he needed to get the key today, while there was still people at work. he was going to walk back until i suggested he should take one of my bikes. the only thing he was he absolutely did not want to ride a lady's bike (i'm not as picky as him when it comes to gender-based bike categorization). i had to talk him into taking my red lady schwinn, cute as hell i thought, but too feminine for him. he was also going to an astrophysicist picnic and needed to go to star market to pick up a few things (the bike basket would come in handy).

had pau been at home i would've treated him to some wings. since i'd already decided i'd be feasting on them tonight, i phoned in a order anyway, just for myself. i left to go pick it up, where i must've passed 30-40 cyclists going to and from davis square. i knew wing works was under new management, but the new interior renovations were a surprise, now with LCD menu screens.

i got the 10 piece garlic and parmesan (gourmet, $8.99). instead of the usual styrofoam container, they came in a round aluminum pan with a plastic lid. i was afraid the new container meant smaller wings, but they were just as big as before (not mess with a winning formula). in hindsight, garlic and parmesan might not have been the best idea, with me traveling tomorrow. 10 pieces also seemed a bit too much as i was already full by the 7th wing.

a few hours later, i had a lactose intolerant reaction to all that parmesan cheese. thankfully pau was still out of the house and wasn't there to hear my struggles behind the bathroom door.

pau came home close to midnight. he told me once it got dark, all the americans left, so the europeans took the party to one of their houses for some dinner.