since it was raining this morning, pau borrowed one of my umbrellas. the doppler radar showed the storm clouds leaving. soon after he left, the showers stopped, but probably not before he got soaked.

i spent most of the day working on the third (and last) interactive for client N (finally received the art work yesterday). i plugged away my bedroom (AKA the home office) with the laptop connected to my LCD display (bigger screen real estate), occasionally taking short breaks to lie down in bed. most of the it was just production, cutting up the graphics into usable png pieces.

i finally gave both my aquariums a thorough cleaning and water change, replacing the activated carbon, and removing the driftwoods to give them a thorough scrub in the sink. i also cleaned out the cistern (every once in a while some algae begins to accumulate at the bottom). i poured out the dirty water in the backyard as a natural fertilizer.

while cleaning the driftwoods in the tub, i noticed the drainage was a little slow, i poured in the last of my drain cleaner. later i took a shower to clean the fishy smell from my hands and arms, clearing out the drain in the process.

my awwyeah ordered arrived a day ahead of schedule (usually items purchased over the weekend don't arrive until thursday): an XLC 48mm presta 700 x 26-32c tube ($4.40) and a planet bike tail light rear rack mount bracket ($4.49). i'm afraid to install the new tube after popping 2 previous tubes. besides, both tires on the GMC denali are flat (one popped, one just deflated after a day) so i need to replace both tubes (again).

i had some granola yogurt for breakfast, some pasta salad for lunch, and then more pasta salad for dinner.

i finally finished watching the korean subtitled bootleg copy of cabin in the woods (2012). wow. all that buzz wasn't wrong, it's now my new favorite horror movie. i haven't had such a good time watching a horror film since raimi's drag me to hell (2009). the initial premise seems simple enough - your typical remote cabin slasher pic - but the movie is so much more than that, starting with the mysterious office workers (engineers? technicians?) that begin the movie. to say anything more would be to ruin all the lovely surprises. definitely a love letter to any horror movie film, i loved it so much i watched it a second time (just as good), and then later gave pau a copy.

i don't know how i came across the recipe for switchel, a refreshing summer drink with a history that goes back to american colonial times. ginger, molasses - i can understand - but apple cider vinegar?

2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
4 tsp molasses
1/4 tsp ground ginger
1 cup water

i was curious to try it though so i whipped up a batch. after refrigerating for a few hours, it was switchel time. the flavor is like a poor man's version of chinese suanmeitang (sour plum drink), kind of an acquired taste, but not too bad. i can feel the vinegar in my stomach later.