* morning conference call with client M * day trip to chicago in early september to help set up installations

community garden: chatted with marsha, a first year gardener in a temp northwestern plot (existing gardener on sabbatical, that's why she didn't start gardening until the end of june).

cucurbit diseases of the community garden:

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victory garden: to water then treat with another spray of copper solution

first victory garden harvest is a zucchini:

* looks like bacterial wilt (spread by cucumber beetles) has infected some korean melons and cucumbers (there is no treatment, prognosis is death) * doesn't seem to affect the squashes, which are more prone to powdery mildew (although the acorn squashes seem to have better resistance):

a lot of korean melons (hopefully they'll grow fast enough so we can harvest a few before the bacterial wilt kills all the plants):

* pau's road bike had 2 punctures * trying to fix with a patch kit * exploded another tire from pumping it up too much (100psi). * will need to wait for my replacement tube to arrive

* dinner: ramen * pau frying in the kitchen