i motorcycled to belmont in the early afternoon to mow the lawn. i've noticed the unkept state of grass in some recent visits, and since rain is forecasted for tomorrow, today was the perfect day to mow. there hasn't been that much rain recently, so the grass really hasn't grown all that much. there were more weeds, like islands of crabgrass, which i tried to pulled out as much as i could but there was just too much. it was also a very hot and humid day, perhaps not the best weather for working outside. the weeding plus the mowing took about an hour and a half. after i was done, i added the clippings to the compost bin.

after a well-deserved shower, i stuck around to watch the US-japan women's final olympic soccer match begin at 2:45. i was rooting for japan but they ended up losing to the US 2-1. although i'm happy USA won another gold, it felt very dissatisfying. i actually agree with the canadians that there was some refereeing shenanigans in the US-canadian semifinal game and had things gone another way, it would've been canada-japan in the final match.

back at home i took another shower before doing a load of laundry. earlier i'd been to market basket to get some bean sprouts and cucumbers for the cafe. now i was going to star market to get some croutons and a watermelon ($4.99). i actually know a thing or two about picking the best melon; the one i ended up getting didn't have the best sound but it was the largest.

i finished the rest of my chicken caesar salad for dinner. pau came home with bags of food left by his advisor who was returning to barcelona with his family after visiting cambridge for the past month. pau finally got to do his laundry and borrowed a towel to take a shower. for dinner he fixed himself a simple sandwich, then spent the rest of the night rehearsing a presentation he's scheduled to give tomorrow.

i tried the watermelon: sweet, but not the most crispy (i knew that from the way it sounded when i pinged the outside). i ended up eating a whole quarter, which was may too much watermelon for just one person.