i woke up at 9:00 to catch the federer-murray wimbledon rematch. federer seemed to be off his game, or maybe andy murray was just too good today. murray ended up winning olympic gold in 3 straight sets, while federer settled for the silver.

as soon as LJ woke up she had something boiling on the stove. i rarely leave a live stove unattended, but LJ apparently doesn't share similar safety concerns. so it wasn't a big surprise when whatever she was boiling overflowed and spilled all over the stove top. the beautiful thing is once she was done, it never occurred to her that she should also clean up the stove.

instead of seeing boston on her last weekend day, LJ went to one of the harvard museums. after cleaning up the mess she left in the kitchen, i went to the community garden to water the plants. i promised fellow gardener laura i'd help her water; i should've said no. the forecast mentioned there might be spotted showers, but i couldn't rely on the weather to do my dirty work. i picked a container of red cherry tomatoes and my first red big tomato of the season.

the weather today was hot and humid, and i had to take a shower when i returned home. afterwards i biked to belmont, where i had to take another shower since i was completely sweat-soaked once again.

not sure if it's because i removed some of the tall radishes that were blocking the sunlight, but the 2 mounds of korean melons are doing a lot better. the zucchini plants have some immature squashes; we should be able to get a few zucchinis before any danger of the plants succumbing to late season diseases (mostly powdery mildew).

are oriental lilies supposed to be blooming so late in the season? maybe it's because i planted them so late to begin with. the plants themselves aren't very tall, but they still manage to produce some very showy flowers, many of them fragrant.

originally only my sister was home, but she left to go visit a friend who bought a new labrador retriever puppy and didn't return until after dinner. my mother came back from the cafe and was busy watching her shows on the ipad. i jumped from one olympic coverage channel to another, stopping to watch the mixed doubles final match between great britain and belorussia, featuring andy murray (!) and his young partner 18-year-old laura robson (she was in the stands with murray's parents and coach, i thought she looked familiar, i've seen her before in one of the tennis tournaments). nbc's televised olympic coverage is infuriating; i had to watch the intermittent live stream in order to see usain bolt win gold in the 100 meter dash (instead of waiting for the edited pretaped package later in the evening).

my father finally biked home after my mother and i were already midway through dinner. by that point it'd already been raining. i waited around until there was a lull in the weather before racing back to cambridge. i found a small watering can somebody had tossed out on huron avenue.