after a weird dream where i was back in college (shared bathrooms, getting lost in the dorms, rooftop pool parties - what, you didn't have those at your alma mater?) , i woke up, made some breakfast, watched the US men olympic basketball game, and left for belmont around 1:00. the sky looked like rain but the doppler radar showed it was safe to travel for the time being.

i spent the rest of the afternoon feasting on logans/lychees/cherries, watching the olympics on HDTV, and taking a short nap. i didn't even go out into the backyard, since it rained so much yesterday and i didn't need to water the garden.

i've been awfully gassy all day, and went to the bathroom a few times. could it be my new yogurt diet? i don't remember this happening before, but of course i'm usually pretty oblivious when it comes to food correlations. maybe i should switch to a non-fat yogurt next time.

i returned home after dinner. while trying to lock my bike, i realized i left my keys back in belmont. for once i was genuinely glad my roommate was once; i went around back and knocked on the rear door; there was still enough light that she could still me so i didn't freak her out too much.

LJ must've had dinner before she came home (she was gone when i woke up this morning), because the kitchen was untouched from when i cleaned it this morning. however, around 9:30, she occupied the kitchen, her laptop blaring some chinese variety show, a pot of vegetables bowling on the stove. she came to me yesterday with sliced avocado and asked me how to eat it. i told her it was still raw and needed to be ripened first. she asked if the seed was edible, i told her no. and even though an avocado is edible, it's not the kind of thing one just eats directly. she said avocados are expensive in china and she wanted to try it since she's never had one before.

i finished off sunday with another new episode of breaking bad. walt devises an ingenious way to cook meth undetected. his relationship with mike becomes tenser after realizing the true cost to be the boss; i predict mike will get some ricin cigarette by season's end. skylar at this point is just a cowering mess; i wouldn't be sad if they killed off her character.

just 9 more days before LJ is gone for good. still plenty of time for her to get on my nerves though. around midnight she spent 20 minutes scrubbing away in the bathroom sink. after she was done i reluctantly checked out the aftermath, to see how much i had to clean up. she did manage to keep things dry while she was hand-washing her clothes, but the half dozen underwears and shirts she hung on the shower curtain rod dripped water all over the floor. "you have to find someplace else to hang your clothes," i told her. "but there's nowhere else to hang them," she replied. instead of trying to find a solution, she returned to her room, like there wasn't anything wrong. i spent the next few angry minutes wiping dry the floor with paper towels, picking up long strands of hair while i was at it.