for lack of anything better to eat, i tried yogurt with granola for the very first time in my life. it was surprisingly good; i may try to incorporate it into my daily breakfast lineup as well.

michael - a neighbor of john and deanna and whom i met for the first time this weekend - brought a canon dSLR as well (40D). i've been itching to talk camera with him and we ended up switching lenses to try out: he with my EF-S 10-22mm wide angle, me with his fast EF f/1.8 28mm. i don't often get a chance to play around with different canon equipment so this was a real treat.

i didn't realize there was an f/1.8 28mm lens in the canon lineup. i had no problems shooting indoors, but outside in the bright sun with the aperture so big, most of my photos were blown out. the lens had a solid build, and i like the speed and the small size. on a full-frame camera it'd be considered a wide angle lens, but on a small APS-C sensor (like my camera) it's about a 45mm equivalent, close to a standard 50mm lens. michael seemed to really love the 10-22mm; if he thought 28mm was wide, wait until he tried 10mm!

i also had a nice conversation with jonathan the architect, another brooklyn neighbor. finally, i traded motorcycle injury stories with adi, who was once thrown from a bike and had to get pins implanted in his leg in order to fix himself.

i went with john to throw out the trash from this weekend's festivity. apparently here in the hamptons there's no trash pickup (which is astounding, given how much people pay in property tax); all trash and recyclables have to be taken down to the "transfer station". also, you can't just use any old trash bags: you have to purchase special trash bags (otherwise they won't accept it).

i caught the 1:56 manhattan bound LIRR after getting dropped off by john at the local speonk station, switching train at babylon. i arrived at penn station a few minutes after 4:00. after using the bathroom, i made my way to chinatown, first taking the 3 express to chambers street, then backtracking to canal street via the 1 train. it was a long walk from western canal to eastern canal, through the gauntlet of knockoff product hawkers and the throng of tourists in search of cheap bargains. there were some great photo opps but i had to forgo them all because i was in a hurry. passing by the fruit vendors though, i did buy 6 lbs. of longans ($20) and a little bit over 3 lbs. of lychees ($10).

i had about 30 minutes but by the time i reached the fungwah ticket kiosk, i only had minutes to spare and people were already boarding the to-capacity 5:00 bus back to boston. i sat behind a little girl who wouldn't stop talking and every once in a while touch my knees between the crack of the seats with her cold clammy child claws. we made it back in good time, but stopped at an arby's off of the highway exit (instead of a genuine highway rest stop) with limited bathrooms. i finally got back to boston at 9:15. from there, it was a half hour MBTA subway ride to cambridge. i got home just in time to watch breaking bad at 10:00.

bits and pieces of my body are sunburnt and i have a headache for some reason (dehydration?). i have a feeling i'm going to sleep well tonight, being so tired and all.