somehow i found myself at assembly square mall again this afternoon. i was looking for some garden watering parts but ended up just buying a ball of yarn for my mother. i dropped it off at the cafe before returning home.

i went to the community garden to shoot up some drug. you'd think that was illegal since i was right across the street from the local elementary school, but the drug i was using was a solution of thuricide, injected into squash stems possibly infected with squash vine borers. no. 2 cocozelle is still not ready for harvesting, but no. 4 zucchini was ready to go.

the heavy rain yesterday knocked over a few of my delphiniums. some of the tomato cages were a bit askew as well. the shasta daisies seemed to be revived from all that rain. i picked some cherry tomatoes and ate them while i walked back home.

i bumped into ed, who was outside working on his cannondale M100. it has a wickedly light frame, but designed as a mountain bike so the 26" wheels aren't optimal for city riding. we chatted for a bit before i finally came home.

all of today i was trying to finish some foods in the fridge before they spoiled. i had a turkey egg bagel for breakfast, a turkey honey mustard bagel sandwich for a late lunch, and a salmon cream cheese bagel for dinner. a lot of bagels!

LJ came home holding a bottle of wine. she asked me what price is considered an acceptable gift for wine; her professor's daughter invited her to their house for dinner tomorrow night.