LJ had already left by the time i woke up this morning. i made a slow start of it, fixing myself a turkey egg bagel sandwich before leaving for belmont around 12:30. the day was hot but dry, i made an effort not to peddle fast, so when i arrived i wasn't too sweaty.

in the garden:

when my mother returned home sometime in the afternoon (via bike), that's when i had my big fight with my sister. her friend is visiting for a few days beginning tomorrow night, and my sister hadn't cleaned up the house yet. instead she was busy amassing gifts for another friend's baby shower, in some kind of competition to be the person who brought the most presents. something didn't sit well with me and it wasn't long before i snapped. i threatened my sister with forced electro-shock treatment, she threatened to smash my laptop and camera, and then later dared me to punch her so she could call the cops. all our fights end one way: with her storming out of the house, dragging the poor dog with her.

i'd wanted to visit the victory garden to do some watering, but i was reluctant to drive. if i couldn't get there by biking, i didn't want to go. it's doable, but might involve traveling on fast roads not designed for bicycles.

my one outdoor activity besides watering the garden was tuning up my mother's ross compact 10-speed. it's rideable, but shifting is a challenge since it uses old-fashion tube shifters. i think my mother just rides in a single gear, regardless if she's going downhill or uphill. she told me in a typical ride she gets off a few times to push the bike uphill. anyway, i pumped the tires and adjusted the brakes.

my sister came back to the house around dinner time: not to eat but to feed her dog. she stayed out of our way the rest of the evening. since my father wasn't coming home until later in the evening, my mother made some improvised noodles just for the two of us. she also cooked up a plate of eggplants, but later realized she should've added some thai basil, which we have plenty in the garden.

my mother finished season 1 of breaking bad. still not sure if she likes it, but by the time i left belmont, i was playing season 2 for her.

LJ wasn't home when i got back around 9:00. i took a shower and relaxed with a cold drink. LJ finally came back around 11:30. she told me she was out all day shopping with a visiting friend. her friend - another chinese astrophysicist - currently resides in germany, where she can't find any clothes that fit her. they went to tj maxx at the fresh pond mall then spent the other half of the day at the galleria. she came home with a large bag of purchases.