i woke up to find LJ brushing her teeth in the bathroom. apparently that's not the sort of thing she does that warrants a closed door. after she was finished i used the bathroom and took a shower. "i'm going out," i told her, and when she abruptly said "okay" i didn't even have time to explain where i was going, like i was already being dismissed. i knew she was going to go to the harvard natural history museum because she asked me for the cutoff time for free admissions (12:00).

i took the motorcycle again. i wanted to wash it yesterday but i was too tired, so i'll do it today. it was the perfect day for riding although i only saw bicyclists on the road. i even smiled at a few of them but they naturally ignored me (cyclists and bikers aren't friends despite both being on 2-wheels).

i didn't have breakfast yet so my mother heated up some rice porridge for me.

there wasn't much to do in the backyard, besides finish mowing the lawn, which was on temporary hold waiting for gasoline. my mother said my father was going to bring some home but i knew that wasn't going to happen since i saw the empty gas container outside. right now in the garden it's just a lot of waiting for things to grow out since we already planted everything.

i spent most of the day washing my motorcycle. since i was already out there with the equipment, i also washed the toyota camry that was in the garage. after drying both vehicles, i began the waxing process, which i've never done before. it's not that hard, just apply with a sponge, then wipe off with a rag. hardest part was actually trying to figure out how to open the container of wax; i tried to pry it apart unsuccessfully until i realized it was a twist off cap.

i waxed everything metal on the bike except the wheels, including all the chrome parts. i even removed the seat so i could get better access to motorcycle frame and body. a bike has less surface area but more challenging to wax because of all the different hard-to-reach parts. after i wiped off the wax, the bike was squeaky clean. i don't know if it looks any shinier than before, but if it'll keep away the rust that's a good thing. i then waxed the car, which was more work but easier to do because of the large flat surface area. meguiar's cleaner wax actually smells pretty good, i'd definitely recommend it.

for dinner my sister made some spaghetti. i changed back into my pants and rode the bike back home. the newly-waxed fuel tank was squeaking between my thighs. back in the neighborhood, everyone was back from their weekend which meant all the curbside parking spots were gone. i ended up finding a small space, but it's close enough to the car behind me that i'd probably want to relocate again tomorrow just to be on the safe side.

with game of thrones season being over, sunday nights are quiet again. and once the season finale of mad men is over (tonight), sundays will be ultraquiet (until the return of breaking bad for 8 episodes next month).

tonight's mad men was a great way to end the season. there were just so many terrific moments: don and peggy meeting by coincidence in the movie theatre; peggy on her first business trip (got to ride in a plane for the first time) seeing 2 dogs doing it from her hotel window; SCDP expanding into a second floor (that scene with the partners silhouetted against the windows was just awesome); pete getting into another fight - this time on the train and even the ticket taker gets involved; roger sterling naked ass LSD trip; megan getting ready to shoot her commercial as her set recedes into black as we follow don walking away; nancy sinatra's "you only live twice"; and finally, don gets his mojo back when 2 pretty girls (professionals?) hit on him in a bar - does he act on it? we'll have to wait until next season! an episode like this, i never want mad men to end!