i needed to have keys made. i've done it a few times at the porter square ace hardware store, but i wanted to see if i can get a different key style. the one i use (until it broke) had a brass color. the keys made at ace are nickel-plated and branded with an ugly ACE logo. ace hardware keys also have a large trapezoidal keychain hole which means you're actually getting less key material for your money. i knew my local bike shop (park bike shop on somerville avenue) made keys as well (they also sharpen ice skates because there's a rink nearby). i never tried them before so i gave it shot.

the rotund owner (reminded me of a beardless george r.r. martin) made the keys for me. i couldn't tell if he recognized me even though i've been in his store many times over the years. i was happy to see him using brass-colored blanks. i made 2 keys at $2 a pop for a total of $4.25 after taxes. they're actual 50¢ more expensive here but i prefer the brass keys over the branded ace variety; it's also nice to support small local businesses and hopefully get to a point where the bike shop guys will see me as a regular customer, be it for bike fixing, key making, or skate sharpening.

i actually think i know what happened to my house key: i believe my roommate broken it. he probably turned it the wrong way in a desperate attempt to leave the house and ended up twisting the key. or perhaps it was just the accumulative damage of years of roommates turning the key the wrong way (my suspicion points to bram, who was a strong guy). it's not a big deal since it's easy to get replacement keys made, and the key fortunately didn't snap in half inside the lock (sparing me the trouble of having to call a locksmith). i did have some sentimental attachment to my old key (those were the original keys i received when i bought my place 10 years ago) but i'm sure i'll get over it. i ordered some rubber key covers online last night; once i dress up my new key it'll be as good as the old key.

i made myself a turkey-dijon mustard-lettuce-wheat bread sandwich. the turkey was going bad but i ate it without incident.

i went down to the community garden to plant a few more seeds before the rain arrived in the late afternoon. sharon was there, relaxing in her plot. i noticed the wheel-chair accessible plastic raised bed was gone; the remaining plot looks to be a great sunny spot if it ever becomes available. i planted a mound of cocozelle squash (harvest in 43 days), a mound of acorn squash (58-75 days to harvest), and some zucchini squash (57 days). i also planted some chives and cilantro.

my 2nd mini-torch usb flashlight arrived today (ebay $3.08). it came in a random color and i got purple. this one is the genuine version, with 3 modes (off, on, flashing) and usb-charging light that turns from red to green when done. paired with a velcro handlebar-mounted flashlight holder, this makes for a great bike light.

i microwaved a trader's joe lamb vindaloo for dinner. i was hungry soon afterwards and fixed myself another sandwich, finishing the rest of the turkey, going with some honey mustard this time. i should put more lettuce in my sandwiches, i like the crunchy and juicy texture and it never hurts to eat more greens.