not only was it rainy today, but it was also cold, with temperature in the upper 40's. keeping in mind that i turned off my heat a few weeks ago, i watched my indoor thermometer nervously but the room temperature never dropped below 59°.

it didn't rain all day: by mid-afternoon it'd mostly stopped. i got my bicycle from the basement and went out on a supply run: some school glue from the dollar store, some altoids from rite aid, and ingredients for making macaroni and cheese from market basket.

i needed the glue to make a hollow book. after the glued page edges had time to dry, it was time to hollow out the book with an x-acto knife. from my past experiences, i get nervous whenever fingers and sharp knives are involved. i managed to get as far as page 97 before i decided to finish the rest another day; hollowing out a book is pretty tedious!

a rainy day demanded a rainy day recipe. originally i was leaning towards chicken noodle soup but decided on macaroni and cheese. it included ingredients like half a block of krafts processed cheese, half a carton of crumbled goat cheese, and 3 strips of thick bacon cut into smaller pieces (my last attempt at this recipe was back in 2008). in a futile attempt to at least try to make it healthy, i went with whole wheat elbow macaroni noodles as well as some mixed frozen vegetables. after i mixed the cooked macaroni with the cheeses and the vegetables it was pretty much ready to eat, but then i baked everything for 30 minutes covered with a layer of buttered panko crumbs. the final result wasn't anything to look at but it was at least edible.

i watched game 2 of the celtics playoff game against the atlanta hawks. boston was undermanned, with ray allen still hurt from an ankle injury and rajon rondo suspended one game for purposely bumping into a referee. the game was also in atlanta. the hawks probably were over-confident that they'd win but the celtics managed to beat atlanta mostly on the back of paul pierce. it was a close game though and even in the final seconds the hawks still had a chance to win. realistically boston isn't going to make it into the finals this year but i want to enjoy this playoff ride as long as i can; they should at the very least advance into the 2nd round.