it's been so long since we've had rain that i've almost forgotten what it sounds like beating against the side of the house. i suppose this is a welcomed event, since boston is currently experiencing a drought. however it does mean i'm stuck at home for the time being, if i want to stay dry. with the construction of the rain barrels last year, each time it rained was a well received affair; i even went out a few times just to watch the barrels collect the rain water falling onto the roof of my parents' house.

we even had a little bit of hail this morning. at first i thought it was my upstairs neighbors doing something (the perennial bearer of responsibility), but then i could hear the crackling all around. it only lasted a few seconds. by the time i woke up there was no evidence of any hail.

i did leave the house in the afternoon, with my rain boots and umbrella, walking down to the local rite aid to replenish my supply of empty calorie snacks. if it wasn't for the problem of equipment getting wet, rain time is a great time for photography. everything seems so dramatic, puddles become small reflecting pools, and at nights the streets glisten.

i bought 2 boxes of jujubes candy. i must've forgotten what they were like but later realized they were a mistake purchase. they're like tiny gummies that've been left outside too long and have hardened. i don't why they sell them, other than for nostalgic reasons, because they're pretty much inedible. nevertheless, i still managed to finish one whole box.

i did attempt to true one of the wheels but discovered i needed to remove the tube and tire first. i'll have to wait until a day that isn't raining because i need to strip the old wheel outside since i don't know what's going to fall out.

i made risotto for dinner. i simmered the arborio rice in a cup of white wine. i used hot italian sausages for the meat portion, and steamed some broccoli in the microwave minutes before the risotto was done cooking. into the mix i sprinkled half a cup of parmesan cheese. i like this recipe but i'd like to try something new next time. what about using bacon instead of sausages? or red wine instead of white wine?

my roommate ate dinner in the living room, the first time this week. there was a new episode of the big bang theory (actually a repeat, but one that neither of us had seen from this current season). during the commercial break he told about about 2 chinese USC graduate students who were murdered yesterday in an attempted carjacking.