i did a little manscaping this morning, for no reason other than the fact that i felt a little furrier than usual. asians aren't known to be hairy but i must have some wild animal genes in my DNA because parts of my body looks angry, let's just leave it at that.

after some oatmeal for lunch, i went to the bank to deposit the rent check before going to market basket again, primarily to pick up some breakfast ingredients for next week (i'm getting tired of oatmeal; now i'm craving kielbasa and french toast). i took my trek bike with newly inflated tires. i noticed the difference right away, better rolling, felt faster. not sure why i had a different experience on my fuji road bike yesterday; maybe i over-inflated them.

my new wednesday routine is i go to belmont for a few hours in the afternoon to do some gardening. my father and sister were also home. i started with some dandelion weeding before preparing the raised beds: remove the salt marsh grass mulch then mix in 2 bags of manure/humus. over the weekend we'll add more nutrients from our compost bin (this year's project is to build a tumbling composter). i didn't have time to start some seeds indoors so i took a leftover bag of potting soil and some containers with me when i returned home.

my roommate has bought something online every week and this week was no exception. when i tried to pick up the box on my doorstep i was momentarily taken aback by how heavy it was. based on that fact (40 lbs. at least) it can only be one thing: a set of weights! when he came home i asked him about it. he said he wanted to keep them in his windowless office, so he can do some workouts to keep his muscles from atrophying.

tonight i saw another posting on craig's list for free bikes, 2 this time on greenough avenue in cambridge, near inman square, not too far from me (about a mile away). the only problem was the posting was placed approximately 40 minutes ago, a long time for something free like this to go unclaimed; but because greenough is a small side street, it wasn't likely somebody would just walk by and take them so there was still a small chance they'd still be on the curb. so i grabbed my night lights and raced down on my bike with a spare lock just in case. i saw a bunch of bikes when i arrived but they were all locked up, not the free ones. while i was there, 2 cars arrived and parked; by the looks of it, they were also trying to score some free bikes, but somebody had beat us to them already.