i had a busy morning running online and telephone errands: renewed my domains, transferred mutual fund money to pay for my federal/state taxes, researched the whereabouts of my house deed, and made preparations to pay my property taxes (due in may).

i thought about visiting haymarket but i really didn't need anything from there so i ended up staying at home the whole day. i briefly considered remaking some turkish delight but i'm still recovering from all that sugar i ate from last week.

i began noticing tiny flying insects a few days ago. when i went to go water my grow closet, that's when i noticed the handful of fungus gnats stuck on the sticky trap. i don't think they came from outside but rather their eggs were mixed in with the potting soil. usually they're just a nuisance but can harm delicate seedlings because the larvae living in the dirt feed on the plant roots. i put up a few more sticky traps.

the pace of tomato growth is worrying me because soon they'll outgrow my closet and it's still nowhere near warm enough outside for transplanting. i started growing my seeds 3 weeks earlier than last season, during that stretch of abnormally warm weather. now that the weather has reverted to normal spring (cold), i wonder if i jumped the gun. maybe i can still grow tomatoes outside but have them covered up.

a medium-sized package showed up on my doorstep. initially i thought it was for me until i realized it was for my roommate. i'm not sure what kind of stipend he gets for his stay here but he seems to be buying something every week. today it was an inflatable bean bag chair. i'm not sure how he's going to use it. is it for the guest bedroom? or when he moves out?

since i was at home the entire day, when the doorbell rang i managed to intercept the timid mailman who never leaves packages on my doorstep. i had a feeling my bicycle inner tubes were going to arrive today. the package was smaller than i thought, each container the size of a band-aid box.

i was happy to see that the 48mm stem length fit perfectly, with enough clearance for easy pumping. these were threadless but i was happy to see there's still a bit of threading on the tip, in case i wanted to use a presta-to-schrader valve adapter. i was going to install these new inner tubes on the denali bike but i couldn't find my bike pump, until i remembered i must've left it in belmont on wednesday. my only regret is even if i do put in new tubes, the bike itself is too tall for me so i won't even be able to rest ride it.

for the first time this week my roommate left for work before i woke up. he came home around 6:30, and asked me if he could use my tire pump (i told him the bad news). he fixed himself some noodles then quietly ate in his room. he went to sleep by 10:30. i wish he was a bit more social. in the grand scheme of things a roommate that i never have to see is one of the best kind of roommates, but i tend to resent standoffish roommates because they feel more like a stranger squatting in my home than an easygoing friend sharing my house.