everyday this week i've woken up earlier than my roommate, and i wake up pretty late. today he didn't get out of bed until almost 11:30. he said embarrassingly that he overslept as he left for the office.

after some oatmeal for breakfast i left for a grocery run to pick up a few things i missed yesterday.

in the afternoon i went down to harvard square to catch the hunger games, doing my part to contribute to its continuing box office success. i brought along a box of candy dots and a container of sweet rose tea. there was only one other person in the theatre when i arrived - a man with a laptop - but eventually 30-40 people showed up. there was more than 20 minutes of previews before the 2:22 movie actually started.

the movie wasn't bad, but i already knew the story from having read the book. they changed a few minor details (like how katniss got her mockingjay pin) but that probably made the movie better. the rioting in district 11 wasn't in the book i don't think (at least not in the first one). the movie also played up the political ramification of katniss' actions, especially giving the panem president a bigger role (i think he's only barely mentioned in the first book, and not even by name). i noticed it in the book and the movie just reinforced it but katniss never really killed anyone out of malice; she caused a few deaths indirectly, killed once in self defense, and killed another time out of mercy; as the hero of the book/film, her actions are never morally ambiguous. the finale with the genetically modified dogs were disappointing; they were much scarier (and disgusting) in the book. i was happy to see trixie the hooker with the heart of gold playing katniss' mother. jennifer lawrence has a weird face; from certain angles she's kind of pretty but from other angles her face is unusually bony.

since it was still daylight outside, i was blinded when i left the dark theatre. i crossed to the other side of the harvard campus where i parked my bike and rode the rest of the way home.

i did a quick water change on my 2 aquariums, the algae has gotten too much to neglect. a quick change meant i didn't clean out the filters; i'll probably have to do a more thorough water change as early as tomorrow. ever since i used the algae remover it seems like the algae blooms are more frequent. i think the only real way to stop algae is with constant water changes.

i ate some leftover ricotta pie for dinner. my roommate made up for going to work so late by coming home late as well, around 9:30 (probably went out to dinner with friends. he took a shower (because the bathroom was all foggy) but i'm not sure how because i never heard the shower head running. we didn't really say anything to each other so i didn't have a chance to ask him about the overdue rent.