i went to market basket this morning to get a few items for the cafe. i was carrying so much that i didn't have any more room on my grocery bike to buy anything for myself, so i decided to come back some other time this week to get my own groceries. i also went to the bank to deposit some money for both my great uncle and the cafe.

the rest of my day was spent soaking my potting containers and planting some seeds. the temperature set a new record high at 71°F; i opened a few windows to aerate out the house. normally the planting process is sort of tedious, but i had the stereo playing so it made it less boring.

best boy hybrid tomato (12)
super sweet 100 hybrid (6)
giant thai hot pepper (3)
hot pepper mix (9)
thai basil siam queen (12)
sweet basil (6)
shasta daisy (6)
delphinium fastasia mix (6)
snap dragons (6)
milkweed (6)

from years past i know what not to plant: nasturtiums (which grow fine outdoor on their own) and cucumbers (indoor transplants don't seem to do as well as those grown directly in the garden). i ended up with a lot of tomatoes (regular and a few cherry variety) and a lot of basil (mostly thai, some sweet). i planted flowers for the leftover containers, including 6 milkweeds. not sure if they had enough time to stratify in the fridge (only about 2 weeks); if not i still have plenty more seeds. finally i put everything into the grow closet, covered with some syran wrap to keep in the moisture. i filled the gravel trays with water. i prefer to germinate in the dark, only turning on the lights once the seedlings emerge.

my roommate came home around 7:00, made some more noodles for dinner. he seems to be improving his recipe every night, which i take to be a good sign. tonight he added an egg and some seaweed. i finished the last of my spaghetti.