the time i wake up is synchronized to when my roommate leaves for work: when they leave late, i wake up late; when they leave early, i wake up early. i suppose this is all to avoid having to see them in the morning; they might like their privacy, and i like to pretend i don't have a roommate. this morning i got out of bed at 9:00.

today was the day where we'd set the record high temperature in boston. even by morning my outdoor thermometer here in cambridge read 67°F. getting ready to ride my bike, i took off my hooded sweatshirt but kept my henley shirt on because despite the warmth it was still very windy (40-50mph). not in any particular rush, i managed to arrive in belmont without mishaps.

i was dogsitting again while my sister pulled a late shift of nanny duty. with the weather so nice, i couldn't help but to be outside. i spent most of it in the backyard continuing to reduce the pile of pruned branches into shorter pieces that can fit inside refuse barrels. i also tried to remove some more black knots from the pair of plum trees as there are still more on the higher branches. i ended up with my forearms all scratched up from being lashed with thorny branches.

i don't consider you a real gardener if you had the time today but didn't do any gardening. the warm weather demanded seeds to be planted! so i went ahead and sowed about 50 sugar snap pea seeds. now seems like the perfect time and in fact i probably could've planted them weeks ago given this abnormally warm winter. next week i'll put down some lettuce (all the cold season crops).

i cooked up some ramen for dinner before my sister returned home. instead of biking back to cambridge, i took the car instead since i have to drive my great uncle to the clinic tomorrow for his follow-up appointment. for once i was relieved because the temperature had dropped since this morning and i wasn't looking forward to biking home in the cold and the wind.

i got back around 9:00 but my roommate wasn't home yet. he returned shortly afterwards, carrying a big box of food supplies he bought from costco (his friend with the car must've taken him). he then left again to retrieve his bike.

even though he didn't do any cooking tonight, the house unfortunately still smells of oil. i'll need to fumigate with more incense tomorrow afternoon.