my roommate left for MIT before 11:00 but returned home just a few hours later around 2:30. at least she'd get to see me making my no-knead bread. after fermenting the dough for 18 hours, it was time to roll it into a ball and let it rise for another 2 hours. the dough was a little sticky and gooey which made me worried that it wouldn't have a good second rise.

the bread i make during the warm days of summer are definitely better than winter bread. during winter my room temperature isn't high enough to get a good rise out of the dough. the finished bread comes out a little fat. but i've make this recipe enough times that i can still get a pretty good result. next time i may try putting the dough over the heating vent in order to get a better rise.

my roommate left the house again to go sign the lease on her new apartment. it's actually only a sublet until the end of august, but the original tenant managed to transfer the remainder of his lease onto her so my roommate now dealt directly with the landlord. she was a little upset when returned, said the original renter (that short chinese guy with bangs) kind of tricked her so he could dump the lease and skip town. i told her if she didn't like the place, she could sublet it again after may to some summer school student and find a new place. the good thing is she doesn't have a lot of stuff so it won't be a big deal to move, just kind of a hassle.

the finished bread came out pretty well. my roommate was so impressed she took a photo and uploaded a new posting on her chinese weibo twitter. she said it reminded her of chinese mantou buns. i was only going to have a slice but ended up eating half of it. when my roommate made dinner she asked if i wanted some (beef & asparagus stirfry). i said i already have some leftovers but she was insistant. asparagus is one of her favorites but she's never seen white asparagus before.

a long presidential weekend can only mean one thing: skyrim binge! today i discovered the general stats, which i didn't realize even existed.