everyone was doing their own thing: my mother knitting in the dining room, my father watching spartacus in my parents' bedroom, my sister out doing nanny duty, and me nursing my skyrim addiction. before my sister left she let hailey play with the bubble machine again. for some reason the dog doesn't bark at the bubble machine (but she will bark at the bubble gun).

my mother tried to make some tangyuan balls with glutinous rice wine but she put in the tangyuan before the water reached boiling temperature so the balls just melted into a shapeless mess. i tried eating some but it was awful, like eating wet glue. all day my parents were stewing a big container of beef soup over the stove, filling their house with that delicious aroma. unfortunately they didn't make enough so my father ate rice instead for dinner instead of noodle soup.

i witnessed a car accident that may have been my fault. i was approaching a t-intersection, about to make a turn on my bike. a car stopped to let me pass, but second later the car behind it slammed into the first car. i pulled over in case anyone needed a witness. the man in the first car was a senior citizen, the guy behind him looked to be a teenager. they both got out to inspect the damage, which there didn't seem to be any despite the loud crashing noise. there was a brief discussion and they both got back into their cars to drive away. neither party acknowledged by presence even though i was just standing there with my bike (and blinkers) by the side of the road.

my roommate's big amazon.com shipments arrived today: a set of cooking pots, a set of dishes, and a rice cooker. the dishes were coleman brand and were in an enamelware material (metallic) - suitable for camping, a little unusual for home dining, but usable all the same. my roommate remarked they reminded her of the dishware she used growing up in china. she also took my advice and ended up getting a new rice cooker (black & decker 3-cup) instead of a used one. i promised to take her to the somerville target tomorrow by house.

i had my own amazon.com package waiting for me: a 27x1-1/4" bike wheel inner tube and a nissan 12 oz. thermos (for my father).