i feel empty on the inside but i'm taking the patriots' superbowl loss surprisingly well. 5 superbowl appearances in 11 years is a problem many other teams would kill to have. early in the season a lot of people expected the patriots to make it into the playoffs but few realistically thought they'd make it to the superbowl. the bar in new england is set so high, that nothing less than a superbowl victory every year is considered a disappointing season. i felt bad tonight, but not as bad their 2007 season superbowl loss chasing the perfect season. if i can survive that, i can survive anything.

with the season over just a few hours ago, i'm already thinking about how the patriots can improve on for next year. a lot of people would point to the weak defense but i think those players stepped up to the challenge. maybe have some guys who are better at interceptions (i miss those asante samuel days). i like our offense and don't see how it can be improved, although it'd be nice to have some true wide receiver treats (i miss those randy moss days).

out of curiosity, i went with my roommate this morning to go see her new apartment. i was amazed by how close it was, just 4 houses down. she was there to pay her deposit. the current renter was there, a small chinese man from harvard with bangs. it was the 2nd floor of a 3 unit condo. since the property was a rental, it had that well worn feel of a place that only gets the bare minimum care: scratched up floors, cracks in walls, hastily applied paint. there was 3 bedrooms, with the largest one just a retrofitted living room. my roommate picked the bedroom in the middle because she thought it'd be the most quiet (noise seems to be a big concern for her) but i would've preferred the larger living room bedroom because it had more natural light (down side is it's more expensive). i liked the place though, especially the rear and front balconies, with enough sun exposure to do some container gardening. it even had a free washer and dryer in the basement, shared between the 3 floors. the only bad thing about the place was it was completely empty, and my roommate would need to get some basic furniture (bed, desk, lamp) not to mention basic things like utensils and food supplies. i sort of feel bad for her, moving from the all-inclusive well-furnished confines of my place to this stark slightly-dilapidated apartment. while we were there one of my roommate's future roommate showed up, a curt chinese woman who all but ignored us.

afterwards my roommate asked if i could show her one of the nearby low-income housings, because apparently that's her urban planning specialty. we passed by my community garden on the way back.

i left for belmont around noontime, eager to get my superbowl viewing started. i tore open the chips and salsa, and ate some leftover wings. for dinner it was more of the same, heated up some wings and had some sauerkraut soup with rice noodles. my mother actually watched most of the game, before the anxiety overwhelmed her and she disappeared during the final quarter, especially when we realized new england might actually lose.

after the game was over (around 10:30) i biked home. temperature was 32° but that was only a few degrees lower than what it was earlier during the day.