on the first day of february the weather hit 60°F. unfortunately i didn't take advantage of it and stayed indoors all day. unusually warm days have become commonplace this winter. so what if i miss one? wait a week, there'll be another. could this be the season where we don't get a single snowstorm?

for lunch i had half a lasagna slice, spiced up with several dash of hot sauce. in the early afternoon my roommate left for MIT for a few hours. my parents finally came back from flushing after going there monday morning and i briefly thought about visiting them to see what they brought back (i ended up not going).

my roommate made too much instant noodle for dinner and asked if i wanted some, sparing me from having to eat another lasagna slice.

in skyrim, i've been offered membership into the dark brotherhood of assassins after going to sleep for the very first time in the ragged flagon cistern, headquarter of the thieves guild. abducted by one of its members, i was asked to kill one of three people in an abandoned shack. after collecting some deathbells (they seem to be quite common here, where ever the heck i was), i wandered to high gate ruins, where i'm currently stuck trying to kill off vokun, a dragon priest.

after some after hour gaming, i finally managed to kill the dragon priest. coolest part? i get to wear his mask, which is primarily designed for magic users but has a pretty high armor rating as well. not sure if it'll clash with my all steel plated ensemble though. not cool? my dungeon guide anska getting stuck as soon as i killed vokun. she'd just stand there frozen, unable to talk, thereby unable for me to complete this particular quest. i tried everything: giving her a gentle nudge would kill her (i'm too strong for my own good); asking my follower (uthgerd the unbroken) to attack her would get her to snap out of the trance but then my follower wouldn't obey my command to stop until she was dead; i even fought vokun again from a previously saved game and the same thing happened. i finally fixed the problem by using my imperial race's voice of the emperor power, which finally broke the spell.

when i finally came out of high gate ruins, i was immediately followed then attacked by a dragon. although i didn't see the dragon directly, i knew something was amiss because the music changed and then i saw the swooping shadow. this particular dragon was easy to kill because it made the fatal mistake of landing on the ground. after that it was basically game over for the dragon once i whacked it a few times with my battleaxe.

after fast traveling to whiterun (stash loot), i fast traveled to fort amol to get to lost knife hideout where i engaged a cave of bandits. this was actually a bit more challenging than i thought and i actually died a few times. i think the higher level i reach, the more skilled my opponents are.

during my time in lost knife hideout i did managed to behead a few bandits with my newly acquired two-handed "devastating blow" skill. unfortunately heads can't be collected as trophies (it's grisly even to think about it).

after fast traveling to riften (to close a few quests), i went out again (fast travel), this time to darkwater pass. for some reason i thought it'd be easier to walk from here to avanchnzel (for a quest involving returning a hellraiser like puzzle box) but turns out i was way wrong. along the way i passed by a group of friendly NPC's gathering at nilheim. turns out they were bandits and it was just a clever trap. after getting killed the first time, i immediately killed the ringleader the next time.