i woke up this morning around 7:00, which for me was early. although i was improving, my stomach would still occasionally grumble and cramp up. i watched some tv from bed then decided to just wake up. i still don't know what i ate yesterday that could've caused this massive case of indigestion. originally i was thinking the chicken sausages, but now i think it could've been the oranges. one of them was moldy so i threw it away, but maybe i didn't wash the rest of them enough before i sliced them and someone ate some mold.

for lunch i had a few slices of bacon with some scrambled eggs. i also made a smoothie that comprised of a ripe banana, some orange juice, and some frozen pineapple i found in the freezer circa 2005 (no joke). it actually tasted pretty good, no freezer burn flavor.

for those who were wondering, my new roommate will arrive on sunday. i'm back to the chinese astrophysicists, a woman from shanghai who will stay at my place no more than a month while she looks for a more long term apartment nearby. after that i'm hosting a guy for the spring season.

since i only had a few days left, i still needed to get some new pillow cases and sheets for the guest bedroom. i biked down to the somerville target. it felt far away, but it's actually only 10 minutes biking; once i arrive in union square i'm practically there. the temperature was in the lower 40's, colder than yesterday but perfect for biking. unfortunately target didn't have what i was looking for; it looked like the entire 250 thread count stuff was cleared out, and just a handful of 225 thread count items. they had plenty of the higher quality stuff but i wasn't willing to spend that much for pillowcases/sheets. they were also in the middle of renovating the store, making the aisles narrower so they can fit more merchandise. i ended up grabbing a few boxes of candy (jujyfruits) before leaving.

fortunately i still had some reserve pillowcases so i did a wash of bed linens when i got back home. while waiting for the sheets to be done, i scrubbed the rust off my bike with an old toothbrush. when the pillowcases were dried i tried them out: the teal pillowcases combined with the red bedsheets and yellow wall hurt my eyes, but better than nothing. let it never be said that i was afraid of colors, clashing or otherwise!

elsewhere in skyrim, i've been hanging out in the city of riften. just going about my business i've accumulated about a dozen new quests. while in the orphanage i killed the anything-but-kind grelod the kind, much to the delight of the orphans under her brutal care. grelod's assistant freaked out and i ended up killing her too, before soldiers stormed into the orphanage and managed to kill me in return. after i resurrected, i played a more civilized game, heading underground to the ratway and the liar of the thieves guild.

since i woke up earlier than usual, i took an hour long nap in the early evening. it was cold in the living room, and when i woke up i cranked up the heat for the first time in weeks. for dinner i ate two slices of leftover barbecue chicken pizza.