i haven't ridden my bicycle in so long that the chains and gears have started to get rusty. these are new chains too, replaced back in november. all that salt on the road doesn't help either. i'll have to rinse off my bike when i get the chance.

the temperature today was in the upper 50's. felt more like a warm spring day than the middle of winter. my neighbor julia returned to her house, this time with her real estate agent and another moving truck. i noticed the "for sale" has been updated to "sales pending." i wonder who will be my new neighbors?

after going to the library to return some books then coming back from a grocery run, i made some oatmeal for lunch: oatmeal, fried onions, chopped scallions, cooked chicken sausages, a pinch of salt.

maybe there was something bad in the oatmeal because i had digestive issues the rest of the day. i must've gone to the bathroom more than a dozen time to the point where my ass was sore. i was also very gassy and my stomach felt bloated. times like this i'm glad i freelance from home.

the new book i've been reading is black mass: the true story of the unholy alliance between the FBI and the irish mob by dick lehr and gerard o'neill. the book came out more than a decade ago (2001) and i remembered it caused a local sensation but i was never interested in reading it until now. good thing with my numerous bathroom breaks today i was able to do a lot of reading.

i performed yet another water change, this time only in my 10 gallon guppy tank. the last water change was just this past friday and already algae is growing on the glass and gravel. this particular strand of algae seems to require some special care. while washing the glass lid of the tank i accidentally cut myself on the corner, leaving an 1 inch blood gash on my right hand.

the list of oscar nominees came out today and it was entirely uninspiring. i'm kind of tempted to not even bother watching this year (other than the red carpet event of course). i hope melissa mccarthy wins though, sookie in the house! and even though michael fassbender and ryan gosling weren't nominated, would they still be invited to the academy awards? otherwise the overall level of hotness will be quite low this year.

i bought a wireless mouse today (logitech M305), refurbished but only $5 (actually $10 including shipping). i need it for laptop gaming. i'm currently using a wired microsoft mouse and i'm tired dealing with the very long cord.

mitt romney finally released his tax records today. is this the first time he's done this? i'm surprised these records haven't been shown to the public in all his past presidential/senatorial/gubernatorial runs. the man is rich. when you're that wealthy, i doubt he can easily relate to the common man. and it's not like he was ever poor, since he comes from a wealthy family.

i made some barbecue chicken pizza for dinner, following the same recipe as before. like before, the crust was uninspiring, but there's only so much i can do with a normal oven (compared to a pizza brick oven). maybe next time i can first toast the crust.