feeling a bit unhealthy, i thought about riding the bicycle to belmont. do you know that i haven't taken the bicycle to my parents' place not since the end of november?1 and that was because i needed to replace the bike chain. but with my motorcycle riding days numbered, i figured i should take advantage of the honda shadow spirit while i still can.

the temperature (in the 20's) was about 20 degrees warmer than last night but still chilly. my hands were warm until the last few minutes, and even then only the fingertips were frozen. my mother fixed me a large bowl of oatmeal which took me nearly half an hour to finish. later i had some almond-flavored gelatin my father made.

i played a bit of skyrim, still hanging around the town of riverwood. i tanned some wolf and bear pelts to make leather and finally found the axe so i can begin chopping some wood for money. i sold all the stuff i found in the castle-dungeon, but they weren't worth anyway (or maybe i wasn't getting a good price, although most of the things were used kitchenware).

my mother was up to making dinner so we were deciding whether to get something from burger king or domino's. fortunately when my sister got back home from taking the dog out for a walk, she said she'd make spaghetti and meatballs.

we ate pretty early, around 5:00, and i got back home a little after 7:00. after a shower, i went outside and put the cover on the motorcycle, in anticipation of the snow that's supposed to arrive sometime after 10:00.

i watched the 2-hour premiere of alcatraz on fox. it didn't seem that interesting, so i don't think i'll be following this series despite the jj abrams pedigree.

when i looked out the window later in the evening and saw the layer of snow outside, i was actually worried. it's disconcerting seeing my motorcycle in the snow.2 this is only an illusion though as everything will melt tomorrow. i don't ride my motorcycle in the snow because of the slippery road conditions. but another reason why i put the bike away in storage is to keep the road salt off my ride. hopefully the city of cambridge won't salt the roads tonight.

while watching castle, i dug out my hot air corn popper from the guest bedroom closet and made myself a bowl of popcorn. i normally do it in a large pot over the stove but that way stinks more than simply air popping. the only downside is salt won't stick to the "dry" popcorn and what i end up with is pretty bland. i should dry drizzling some melted butter next time, or tumble the popcorn in some cooking oil before sprinkling the salt.

1 not to say i haven't done any long distance bicycling: end of december i made a trip to haymarket in boston. once i put my motorcycle away for the season, i will be all about bicycling again.

2 i seemed to have forgotten that we actually got some snow back at the end of october, a lot more than what we'll get tonight. but no one is seriously worried about a snow in october. snow in mid-january is a different story though.