temperature this morning was 29°F, just a few degrees below freezing. my upstairs neighbors were gone for the long weekend so i had a good night of undisturbed sleep. after a bowl of cereal i took the motorcycle to belmont.

everyone was at home, although my sister left briefly to take hailey to winchester fells. my mother was knitting with the yarn bin bin brought back with her from china and my father was glued online to streaming news broadcast of the weekend presidential election in taiwan. later my mother made some breakfast for a late lunch.

despite the inferior graphics (due to an old video card), i continued with my skyrim quest. i made it out of the castle, found a horned helmet, and arrived at riverwood as an imperial warrior.

in the late afternoon was the 49ers-saints game. i watched it off and on, only as an appetizer to the main evening course of the broncos-patriots game. san francisco pulled out to an early lead, but new orleans kept in interesting by coming back and making it a close game.

i returned to cambridge right after dinner so i could settle in and prepare to watch the game. on my doorstep was a package, the winter gloves i ordered finally arrived! 2 black pairs for $10, waterproof with thinsulate lining. they're actually boy sized but i ordered in large, though still a wee bit small. i'll try them out tomorrow when i ride the motorcycle, see how well they do in the bitter cold.

the new england game was about to start but the 49ers-saints game wasn't over yet. worse, it was down to the wire, with new orleans pulling ahead, then san francisco, then new orleans again. finally the 49ers finished the game with a touchdown in the final seconds, putting them ahead for good.

i was kind of nervous watching the broncos-patriots game. although new england was the favorite to win, all this week the coverage has been about tebow and i was starting to buy into the hype. what if the patriots lost? but new england wasted no time in scoring, quickly pulling ahead to a 14-0 lead. in the 2nd quarter the new england offense continued it's steamroll, scoring 3 more touchdowns, including a 61 yard throw to deion branch who ran into the end zone. the only hiccup was when brady threw an interception early in the quarter that eventually led to a denver touchdown. the game was so exciting to watch that my hands were actually shaking from the adrenaline. the game was essentially over by halftime. patriots scored another touchdown to tie the playoff record for most number of TD's.

after the game, it looked like tim tebow was looking for tom brady to do a post-game conciliatory handshake/brohug, but brady had already left the field after first doing a short on-air interview.

new england now waits to see who will win the matchup between the texans and the ravens. the patriots is one more victory away from another superbowl appearance. i don't know who i'd rather face. has new england ever played houston before? i know baltimore is a hard-hitting team, so i'd prefer the texans even though i don't know anything about that team.