it's been over a week but i finally got a chance to try my homemade kimchee. it turned out better than i expected. my parents have been eating it all last week and have said it was good but i couldn't be sure until i tried it for myself. just the right amount of spiciness, combined with the sour taste of successful fermentation. i like the leaf pieces the best, the multiple folds absorbing the most amount of flavors. i didn't find any radish pieces, i should definitely add more next time.

i started watching one football game today (giants versus falcons) and fell asleep for most of the second one (broncos versus steelers). in the first game i was actually rooting for new york which is anathema for any new england fan. how great would it be for the patriots to face the giants in the superbowl? the ratings that rematch would generate! new york ended up winning, so that likelihood is one step closer.

in the second game, i was rooting for denver for purely strategic reasons: new england would have a harder time facing pittsburgh come next weekend. however, the steelers were the odds on favorite to win. even though tebow's religiosity turns me off (why would god root for the broncos? everyone knows jesus favors the patriots), it's fun watching him play. that first play long pass for a touchdown in overtime was pretty thrilling. his receivers deserve as much credit as he does, they made some amazing catches.

the temperature today dropped a little bit, but 40's is still above normal. when i returned to cambridge my usual parking spot was taken so i had to take the only available spot at the end of the street. i don't like parking there because it's at risk for being hit by large turning vehicles.

i'm going down to new york city for the day with my parents early tomorrow morning. even now i'm behind schedule in terms of sleep since i need to wake up around 4:30 to catch the first red line line to south station. it's going to be a very long day. i spent the rest of the evening recharging all my batteries and taking a shower.