the warm up continues: today the temperature was in the 40's. i took a ride out to the everett mall to get some yarn at michael's. for myself i got 2 skeins of bernat satin yarn in teal and goldenrod (50% off sale, $2 each); for my mother a skein of lion brand homespun in harvest ($3 after coupon) and 2 skeins of michael's store brand loops & threads country loom (a homepsun knockoff) in regal earth ($2.50 each).

next i visited the nearby home depot, looking for leftover LED christmas lights which they had none in stock. i did buy a 4-pack of 60w equivalent soft white CFL's and some gutter spout connectors. home depot is the kind of store that i browse for hours. i also checked out: an assortment of bathroom fixtures, replacement kitchen sinks, electric stove heating coils, fluorescent tube light bulbs, and safety vests.

there is no pedestrian path connecting the everett mall to eastern everett (next to chelsea); not that your basic civilian would want to go there anyway, a no-man's-land of industrial complexes. the only way to get from the everett mall to chelsea is via car onto route 16. that whole area fascinates me purely because it's so inaccessible, yet it's right in my backyard.

i've studied google satellite maps of the region and saw what looked to be an access road connecting the 2 halves of everett (bisected by train tracks). i've always want to check it out and today i had my opportunity. the point i'm talking about is at this location: +42° 23' 45.32", -71° 4' 21.85" (not an exact match but close). this secret access does exist, and from mystic view road i can see all the way to alford street across the train tracks. however, there's a locked gate, for obvious reason, because of the active train tracks. although vehicles can't easily get through, a resourceful person could easily slip through the gate.

further down next to the mystic river is a dirt path that looks like it might go underneath the train tracks. the area is very shady though and i didn't want to explore it by myself, 1) in case something happened to me, and 2) not wanting to draw unnecessary suspicions.

returning from everett, i stopped by the assembly square in nearby somerville to pick up another skein of lion brand homespun; michael's did have the color my mother wanted (painted desert) but ac moore did. after dropping off the yarn at the cafe i returned home, my daily allotted portion of excitement used up for the day.

i'm trying to catch up on some shows and just started watching showtime's shameless, with season 1 of BBC's downton abbey waiting in the wing.