i rode my bicycle to MGH this morning for my biannual checkup with my primary care doctor at 10:00. i bumped into marco before i left, coming back from a morning run. the temperature was in the 50's but still pleasant enough.

on the list of discussed topics: update on my mysterious testicular pain (it comes and goes, not a primary concern anymore, probably cycling related), neck rash (prescribed some topical fungal steroid cream), neck lymph node (treat the rash, hopefully the lymph node will disappear, if not, possible biopsy), and mysterious chest pain (might be nerve related, try to find a possible pattern). i also had some blood taken to check my cholesterol level, i was sort of borderline last time, he wanted to make sure i was well below the acceptable limit. good news is my blood pressure is boringly normal, despite forgetting to take my medication this morning.

i stopped by market basket to get some groceries before coming back home. i had a sudden craving for a cream cheese bagel with salmon and bought the necessary ingredients. after a turkey pastrami sandwich for lunch, i took the motorcycle to ac moore to get more starbella yarn for my mother. having seen the ruffled scarf my mother made using this special yarn, both my aunt and godmother have made requests. i picked up a pair of the following colors: faded jeans, happy pinks, and plum preserves. they were sold out for night clouds, autumn, cinnamon candy, and canyon sunrise.

i also needed some new bedsheets. the ones i have are so old i've worn holes into them. first i went to tj maxx, where the cheapest ones were still $35-40. many were name brands, which i didn't really care for. next i went to bed bath & beyond. naturally they had a better selection, but the prices weren't any better. the cheapest sets i found (queen size fitted sheet, flat sheet, 2 pillowcases) were still in the $40 range. i settled on a pale blue BB&B brand set (300 thread count). with a $5 off coupon it was $37 after taxes. as soon as i bought it i regretted the decision. i want to check out target tomorrow, they might have better deals. i don't understand why bedsheets are so expensive. the markup is pretty high given i'm basically just buying a large stretch of fabric. maybe my projected price of $25 for a sheet set is unrealistic.1

i went to the cafe to drop off the yarn before returning home. i stopped by rite aid to pick up my prescription of clotrimazole and betamethasone dipropionate cream. turns out it's the same exact leftover topical cream i have at home (except that one has long since expired). after a shower i applied some of the cream. rash be gone!

i heated up a brick of lasagna for dinner and watched zombie land.

1 overstock.com has some good deals on bed sheets. i'm a little hesitant to buy online though because i can't feel the fabric for myself. just going by thread count isn't always the best solution; when i was at BB&B i sampled some high thread count sheets that didn't feel very comfortable.